A deviation from God’s Design for Marriage

Nicodemus, an esteemed ruler of the Jews and a prominent Pharisee, sought to meet with Jesus. He disclosed to Jesus the conclusions that the Pharisees had drawn about Him. Nicodemus affirmed that the Pharisees recognized Jesus as a teacher sent from God because of the many miracles He had performed. As a result, both those […]

Prayers for Newlyweds

What is Honeymoon? “Honeymoon” initially referred to the time period that comes after a wedding, during which a couple takes a vacation together. Many newlyweds consider this time as a period of peacefulness immediately after getting married. It is commonly believed that the first month of marriage is the most pleasant, characterized by a unique […]

The Importance of Cultivating God’s Love in Christian Families

Do you have evidence that the love of God is dominant in your family presently? This is a significant aspect where numerous Christian families require prayers and liberation. In their homes, the love of God no longer exists, which has led to the celebration of the devil and its associates causing more harm regularly. It […]

The Importance of Patience and God’s Will in Marriage

When couples start to criticize each other, it can lead to thoughts of divorce. It is not acceptable to end a marriage just because your spouse cannot cook or fulfill other superficial expectations. Both spouses are obligated to stay together, even if one of them doesn’t know how to make the bed, dress nicely, or […]

When Marriage Feels Like Roommates

When marriages face difficulties, individuals often take various approaches. Most commonly, they choose to separate, divorce, or remarry. However, God, who is all-knowing, foresaw that many people would cause their marriages to fail through their own faults, poor decisions, and sin. As a result, He provided a way of escape from these troubles. It’s clear […]

The Importance of Divine Guidance in Marriage

Major decisions in life like marriage require divine guidance. Marital decision determines the direction one would follow in his life and may suggest how he may end his life both on earth and in eternity. “Consider mine enemies; for they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred” (Psalms 25:19). “And thine ears shall […]

Living to Glorify God During Courtship

If Christ should come on your wedding day, will you be sorrowful or joyful? Are you more concerned about your wedding gown or your robe of righteousness? Are you willing to keep God’s commandments before your wedding day or break them? Are you going to get your guests drunk and insane or is your wedding […]

A Husband’s Love

As the head of the wife, God commanded the husband to love his wife as Christ loves the church. His love for the wife should not be as ordinary people love their wives, but as Christ loves the church. A good husband does not love himself more than he loves his wife. Because love knows […]

Divorce is not an Option

Divorce has often been the topic of debates across the world. However, we know that the Scripture was clear in its position on divorce. The Scriptures clearly revealed that divorce is not the perfect will of God, therefore, God forbids divorce. This generation needs the intervention of God to save countless marriages from divorce and […]