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Spiritual Warfare during a Pandemic

Spiritual Warfare during a Pandemic   As the globe grapples with the COVID-19 epidemic, many of us face not just physical and economic hardships, but also a profound spiritual conflict. This is a war against fear, solitude, ignorance, and despair. As Christians, we think that such circumstances require powerful spiritual responses. We engage in “spiritual […]

Biblical Strategies for Handling Pandemics and Crises

Pandemics and other crises are no longer just possibilities in our time; they are realities that disturb our lives in unanticipated ways. As Christians, we often look to the Bible for faith-based coping mechanisms during these difficult times. While the Bible does not explicitly address current situations such as COVID-19, it does provide timeless biblical […]

Spiritual Lessons from the Pandemic: Responding to God’s Call

The worldwide epidemic has altered our lives in ways we never anticipated. Many people have experienced loss and uncertainty, as well as profound spiritual awakening and progress. In this blog article, we’ll look at the spiritual lessons we may take away from this event and how they might help us better grasp God’s calling in […]

Unleashing the Power of Targeted Prayer in Pandemic Conditions

In a world that often seems out of control, particularly during a pandemic, we have a tool that may offer hope, healing, and change: focused prayer. While general prayers include our worries, focused prayers, such as prayer for healing pandemic, focus on particular situations, like the health catastrophe created by COVID-19. This blog article examines […]