The Transformative Power of Jesus’ Blood Against Evil Altars

  At the center of the Christian religion is a truth so strong that it has the potential to alter lives, shatter bonds of bondage, and usher in a new era of freedom and light. This fact focuses on Jesus Christ’s blood—His ultimate sacrifice that not only freed mankind from sin but also provided Christians […]

Breaking Free: Overcoming the Legal Grounds for Evil Altars

In the domain of spiritual wars, knowing the notion of “legal grounds” is critical for any believer seeking victory. Legal foundations function similarly to spiritual contracts or permissions, allowing evil powers to establish a foothold in our life. These permits may come from a variety of causes, including personal sins, familial connections, and disobedience to […]

The Crying Blood

When people are wrongfully killed, their blood that was shed can cry from generation to generation until it is silenced by a higher blood. When Cain became angry with his brother Abel and killed him, Abel’s blood cried until the cries reached God and God responded. If you plead the blood of Jesus over any […]

The Power in the Blood of Jesus

Remember when I said that when people are wrongfully killed, their blood can cry from generation to generation? Well, these cries can only be subdued by a higher blood.