The Crying Blood

When people are wrongfully killed, their blood that was shed can cry from generation to generation until it is silenced by a higher blood. When Cain became angry with his brother Abel and killed him, Abel’s blood cried until the cries reached God and God responded. If you plead the blood of Jesus over any problem, the power behind the problems will bow.

“And he said, what hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand.”

Genesis 4:10-11

Anytime or anywhere that blood is shed, it cries and brings condemnation onto the offender. It rises and cries out to God for justice despite being shed on earth. When blood is shed, it cries on various levels. Even while the blood of sacrificed animals can scream for justice, it cannot be compared to the blood of a human being. It is impossible to equate the blood of an innocent victim to the blood of a sinner being offered as a sacrifice. A day-old baby’s blood is shed as a sacrifice, and it weeps more than the blood of an adult who is a sinner and is about to enter the fires of hell. There are numerous pointless wars occurring on today and many innocent people are being slaughtered without mercy.

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“And when Abner was returned to Hebron, Joab took him aside in the gate to speak with him quietly, and smote him there under the fifth rib, that he died, for the blood of Asahel his brother. And afterward when David heard it, he said, I and my kingdom are guiltless before the Lord forever from the blood of Abner the son of Ner: Let it rest on the head of Joab, and on all his father’s house; and let there not fail from the house of Joab one that hath an issue, or that is a leper, or that leaneth on a staff, or that falleth on the sword, or that lacketh bread.”

2 Samuel 3:27-29

The blood of a covenant child or a person who has a relationship with God or his people, cries more than the blood of one with no covenant relationship with God. (Joshua 9:15, 27; 2 Samuel 21:1-2). Abel, as an innocent person with God’s covenant, attracted divine judgment against his brother Cain, and made him a fugitive and vagabond. The highest blood cry is the blood of Jesus and it cries to defend everyone who repents and accept Christ as their Lord and personal savior.

Prayers Against Negative Crying Blood

  1. Let the crying blood of Jesus begin to cry against every evil voice in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father Lord, by your mercy through the crying blood of Jesus, I shut up every evil utterance ever uttered against me by anyone, living or dead.
  3. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I stand against any crying blood from my foundation.
  4. Any evil movement against my destiny, spiritual or physical, be demobilized by the crying blood of Jesus. 
  5. Every enemy of my progress from my foundation, you are finished, drink the blood of Jesus and perish, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Any strange fire or disease, sickness, poverty and impossibility, dry up from your root by the power in the blood of Jesus.
  7. Blood of Jesus, by your mercy, speak me out of every problem and take me away from every evil presence, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Blood of Jesus, open your mouth by your mercy and terminate every punishment and pain in my life.
  9. Father Lord, command your redeeming power in the blood of Jesus to deliver me wherever I need deliverance, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Any spirit of violence, waste, destruction and death in my life, be terminated by the crying blood of Jesus, in the mighty name of Jesus.

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