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The Importance of Cultivating God’s Love in Christian Families

Do you have evidence that the love of God is dominant in your family presently? This is a significant aspect where numerous Christian families require prayers and liberation. In their homes, the love of God no longer exists, which has led to the celebration of the devil and its associates causing more harm regularly. It […]

Operations of the Queen of the Coast

A male or female-like spirit, filled with jealousy and wickedness, seeks to marry or be wedded to humans. This marks the beginning of evil marriages with evil spirits known as “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives.” In the hierarchy of satanic forces, the queen of the coast is more powerful than the queen of heaven and […]

The Battle Against the Spirit of Confusion

When the spirit of confusion enters someone’s life, it intends to destroy that person. It destroys your relationships with both God and other people and constantly brings suffering into your life.

The Importance of Patience and God’s Will in Marriage

When couples start to criticize each other, it can lead to thoughts of divorce. It is not acceptable to end a marriage just because your spouse cannot cook or fulfill other superficial expectations. Both spouses are obligated to stay together, even if one of them doesn’t know how to make the bed, dress nicely, or […]

The Healing Covenant

A covenant is a lawful agreement that obligates two or more parties to a certain course of action. In the context of God and His followers, God established a covenant of healing with His children via His Word. It is, therefore, crucial for every Christian to comprehend and partake in God’s healing covenant. As mentioned […]

Fruitfulness As a Divine Right for Believers

God has intended for all His genuine followers to be productive and have offspring as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. Consequently, infertility is not a trait that is handed down to God’s children. As a faithful adherent, it is expected of you to be fruitful in all aspects of life. Furthermore, God has granted all […]

Overcoming the Threat of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a demon of destruction that attacks health in all areas of life and brings darkness into your life. It often attacks its victims from the kingdom of darkness.

Prayers Against Breast Lumps

Most often, a lot of women are diagnosed with this deadly ailment out of nowhere. Obviously, lumps are not part of the body system as created by God.

God’s Natural Goodness and Healing Power

Because goodness is inherent in God’s nature, He has the power to heal those who are suffering. His love is demonstrated through His acts of delivering those who are afflicted. For instance, in the Bible, Jesus showed His love by healing Jairus’ daughter who was close to death. He also cured people with various illnesses […]