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Dealing With Your Marital Problems

Have you ever wondered why marriage seems so challenging? Marriage requires that your goals, expectations, and aspirations be aligned with those of your partner. Occasionally, every family swims in troubled waters.

3 habits That Can destroy Your Marriage

It is not entirely possible that your partner will not offend you in the course of your marriage, no matter how holy they may be. Is this a reason to seek solace outside your marriage?

A Home for Your Family

Any place can be a house, but a home is what you make it. It is yours, your own property. Most of the time, having your own home may not be number five on your prayer list.

Identifying the Spirit of Polygamy

It appears again when you are unable to cut ties with your previous life and focus on the new one that is your marriage. Some married people still live off memories from their past lives.

3 Enemies of Your Marriage

Some families do not manage their money wisely. They do not have any plan for the money that comes in. As a result, they spend nearly all of it and go as far as borrowing to make up for it.

God’s Love in Your Marriage

Without the love of God in your heart, pride, selfishness, murmuring, disrupting, party spirit, division, envy, jealousy, and other similar vices would ruin your marriage easily.

Honeymoon: A Time for What?

When you do not know God’s will for your marriage, you may think that the honeymoon is the best time to enjoy sex.

Get Rid of Roadblocks in Your Marriage

We’ve established that marriage comes with it’s own challenges. As a result, the devil does not hesitate to fire shots at your marriage once he gets the chance. One of the most effective arrows that gets at marriages is disobedience to God’s Word. When your character counters God’s Word, you clear the way for devil’s […]

Peace the Pieces of Your Marriage!

The problem with so many people today is that they would prefer to run away from their problems often resorting to separation or even divorce rather than face them squarely.