Dealing With Your Marital Problems

Have you ever wondered why marriage seems so challenging? Marriage requires that your goals, expectations, and aspirations be aligned with those of your partner. Occasionally, every family swims in troubled waters. While some couples swim quickly away from these waters, some others attempt to take a shortcut out of them. The devil is ever happy to give you options to quickly solve your problems, but these often lead you into greater bondage.

At times, problems emerge as soon as a couple gets married. Other times, it comes at the middle of their marriage. Some other times, it may come at the tail end of their marriage. When these problems arise, couples tend to look for solutions in various places. Unfortunately, it is only after a thousand and one solutions that they eventually decide to “try” God. You forget that God is the beginning and the end!

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God’s power to win has been made available to you at all times, and yet you do not use it. The devil has deployed abundant marital challenges to shake families on earth. Sometimes you do not realize just how strong the enemy can be, and that all he needs is a crack in the wall of your marriage. You need the presence of God in your marriage. Therefore, as a Christian family, you must learn to depend on God and use the right weapons to fight the devil.

Truly, great struggle awaits all married couples, and good things are equally the devil’s targets. However, the only way out is through the Lord Jesus, who has provided the right way. Any other way will lead to greater bondage and damnation.

By now, you already know that God has a plan or purpose for your marriage. It is important for you to know this and insist on his provisions for your marriage. Knowing God’s will for your marriage keeps you in the loop. When the devil is establishing his own plan, you already know what God has set up for you!

Problems and temptations in marriage should bring you and your wife together in order to help you know God and prove Him more. So when problems arise, divorce or separation will not be your first resort. Instead, you will know to approach these problems in a more subtle way.

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