Trusting God in Choosing Your Forever Partner

It is funny how you trust God for so many things in your life, but when it comes to choosing a life partner, you don’t need him. While surfing in the ocean of your emotions, you decide what you think you need. Your judgement is as clear as crystal in your eyes. Making the choice of who to marry is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make, and what or whoever you end up with has the ability to affect your life in more ways than one.

God saw the need for a partner from the beginning of time; he saw the specific needs and benefits the union would provide for the man; thus, he created Eve for Adam. In the same way, he sees what you need, knows the benefits your union will bring to you and the joy it would bring him, and as such, has also created your own Eve or Adam. 

Marriage is a gift from God, and his purpose for it cannot be found elsewhere. Nothing gladdens his heart more than when we allow him to make it perfect for us. You may have a reputation for making the best choices or having a good eye, but the truth is, only God can connect you with the best there is.

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As a true child of God, God should be at the center of every decision you have to make in your life and even more so, in marriage. Unfortunately, a lot of people have taken matters into their own hands. Consider the case of Samuel, who would have made a terrible mistake in his choice of the first king of Israel. He was captivated by the appearance and physique of the men he saw.

Everyone needs God at the point of making a choice of a life partner. If not, you’ll make mistakes and end up with regrets like many couples do now. Only God has the eyes to see what is good for you, especially in the area of marriage. That is why you cannot do without God in the issue of marriage. 

What most believers do

Have you ever made a decision or choice and then invited God afterwards? Mostly to inform him of your choice and to get what I call a last-minute approval. And then, after a while, when things hit rock bottom, you start calling on God to complain about how things are not going as you had planned. The Scriptures puts it this way:

“There is a way that seemed right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”

Proverbs 16:25

This should not be so, especially in the place of marriage. When you do this, you may not get God’s approval. Why, as a believer who truly believes that God is perfect and makes no mistakes, why will you not trust him? 

Are you ready and are you seeking your forever partner? Lean on God today. Do not do anything without the leading and support of God. Be convinced that God is leading you before going to the altar for marriage vows and holy covenants.

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