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Why Your Prayers May Be Going Unanswered

Jumping into all manner of things without considering the word of God or seeking God first will hinder people’s prayers. If you are not ready to give your life to God in repentance but just want a quick answer to your prayers, you will not get an answer.

The Python Spirit: A Threat to Genuine Christianity

Man was good from the beginning, made a little lower than the angels, but because of the schemes of the serpent, the Python spirit, and his voluntary disobedience, he failed, and all of mankind followed suit.

Salvation for Sinners

Sinners are not automatically condemned as wicked people until they refuse to believe the gospel of Jesus Christ. But when a sinner rejects the offer of salvation, he or she is grouped among the wicked.

The Supremacy of God

If you refuse to serve God and honor Him with all you have, it can be transferred to someone who will use it better to serve and honor God, even your ancestral inheritance or birthright.

The Dangers of Unbelief

You may overcome every sin in life, but if any of your beliefs or doctrines are found to be contrary to the Scripture, you will go to hell because you have the yoke of unbelief.

Resisting the Queen of the Coast and Her Minions

Prostitutes are usually very pretty girls and boys who, without knowledge of being slaves of the queen of the coasts, dedicated their bodies to the queen of the coast for maximum use as weapons of mass destruction.

Repentance and Salvation Through Christ

No matter how corrupt, averse, spiritually blind, deaf or dead you are, if you accept Christ, He will give you abundant life and bring you back to Your Father, the creator of heaven and earth.

The Sins of the Past

It is usually difficult for most people to forget about their past and the lives they lived there. Some hold on to it until it begins to influence their present and their future.