Why Your Prayers May Be Going Unanswered

Because of the importance of prayers, many people have neglected so many things that go with prayers. They forget that when some things are neglected, some intelligent principalities and powers take advantage of them to defile or puncture the strength of prayers. 

If you are praying for healing, deliverance, or prosperity when you are supposed to turn away from sin, turn to God, and ask for his mercy, your prayers will be powerless. If you know what you should do but ignore it when praying, your prayers will be in vain. When you ignore God’s command because you want to be rich at all costs, you will enter into a lot of trouble, and if you do not go back to where you missed the mark and correct your errors, your prayers will not do much.

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Jumping into all manner of things without considering the word of God or seeking God first will hinder people’s prayers. If you are not ready to give your life to God in repentance but instead, just want a quick answer to your prayers, you will not get an answer.

Often times, your prayers can be defiled for various reasons, some of which could be your lifestyle. Making covenants with evil powers, hidden sin, unbroken covenants with evil powers, and insincerity can paralyze a well-organized prayer. Others include stubbornness and refusal to obey God’s commandments. The devil can in turn wield some power over you, allowing you to pray all your prayers and do all your fasting, but he may use one single act of sex in a dream or eating in a dream to rob you of your victory.

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If you are the type to play with sin like Samson, your deliverance will not be permanent. If you harbor an unforgiving spirit, your prayer will be defiled and rendered impotent. This type of power may even help you to pray hard, long, and perform numerous deliverances. What many deliverances need is not only fasting and prayers but obedience to God’s word, and the yokes will be broken (2 Chronicles 7:12–14). Prayer is good, but if you have a disagreement with your brother, you must resolve it before praying. If you quarrel with your partner and refuse to settle but insist on praying, your prayers will be defiled. Likewise, a merciless person cannot pray result-oriented prayers.

Similarly, if you commit sin, hide it, and refuse to confess it to the appropriate person, your prayers are a waste. If you are an oppressor who has caused tears in the lives of widows, the poor, the fatherless, and strangers, their prayers will stop your own prayers. However, it is possible to worship God without knowing God or living right. Sometimes, it may not be because of sin but rather direct Satanic attacks or your inability to resist the devil enough. In that case, you need to pray more or find out the reason.

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