Breaking Free from Generational Curses: A Guide to Deliverance Prayers

  Have you ever been trapped in a cycle of problems that seem to have followed your family for generations? Perhaps it’s a pattern of financial difficulties, failed relationships, or health issues that don’t make sense. This might be what some term “generational curses” – difficulties that are handed down through generations, creating a need […]

The Impact of Ancestral Covenants on Personal Spiritual Health.

Many of us are on a journey to deepen our Christian spiritual growth, wanting to understand the origins of our spiritual beliefs and practices. This investigation often leads us to analyze the influence of our forefathers’ actions and agreements with God on our present spiritual state. Today, we’ll delve further into how these ancestral contracts, […]

Breaking Free: Using God’s Word to Destroy Evil Altars

  In a world full of unseen fights, the spiritual realm has a huge effect on the physical. For many Christians, recognizing and conquering these spiritual struggles, such as engaging in spiritual battle, is critical to live a life of freedom and success. One such spiritual struggle is facing wicked altars, a notion that may […]

Unveiling the Power of Fasting: Breaking Free from Evil Altars

In today’s fast-paced world, the ancient discipline of fasting, a cornerstone of Christian spiritual warfare, may seem out of date, yet its significance and potency in spiritual battle have never faded. When it comes to battling the powers of demonic altars—those dark forces and influences that aim to bind and control lives—fasting emerges as a […]

The Effect of Unchallenged Evil Altars on Society

Prayer M. Madueke’s insights into spiritual warfare strategies expose a troubling reality: the existence and pervasive influence of wicked altars. This blog article dives deep into the profound impact that unchallenged wicked altars exert on individuals, communities, and societies, enriched by Madueke’s detailed accounts and biblical scriptures. What are Evil Altars? Evil altars, spiritual entities […]


In the domain of spiritual warfare, the concept of wicked altars is both fascinating and critical for believers to understand. Prayer M. Madueke’s insights on these altars shed light on a spiritual reality that many people are unaware of but that plays an important role in the battle between good and evil. This blog post […]

A detestable sin to God

Idol worship is the most detested sin by God. God views it as disgusting, loathsome, pointless, violent, foolish, unbeneficial, and unclean. To enter and occupy the Promised Land, God instructed the Israelites to destroy the statues of heathen gods by fire. God stressed the severity of this act by warning them not to covet wealth […]

Worshipping Idols

Idolatry defiles God’s sanctuary. It defiles the name of God and provokes Him. When you choose your idols, you reject God. In turn, when you turn away from idols, you escape the wrath of God.

Let’s Talk About Your Idols…

You know that thing that you don’t joke with? That which you can always make time for, even at the expense of your day-to-day? That’s your Idol…