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Operations of the Queen of the Coast

The queen of the coast is a queen whose domain is centered primarily on the coasts. She is a spiritual queen, a goddess of some sort, and in some cases appears as a thing personified as female, ruling over a specific realm. The queen of the coast thrives on controlling people and turning them away from God. She spreads all kinds of afflictions, leaving her victims empty, poor, and helpless. She needs to be stopped.

In every society, village, and nation, many people are put down because of their poverty and living conditions. These groups of people are neglected, rejected, looked down upon, and often despised by societies, yet God loves them. Most people I met during my missionary work lived in poverty and found it very difficult to meet their basic needs. Their primary desires were always the same: improving their living conditions and healthcare. Many of them suffered premature deaths.

If we must destroy the weapon of poverty, which is one of the queen of the coast’s most latent tools of destruction, we must reach out to so many families in dire need of education, better healthcare, and improved living conditions.

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Preaching alone may not deliver maximum benefits. We must also reach out to these people to minister to their needs. Therefore, if God has called and empowered you to challenge the activities of the queen of the coast, then you may need to start a village ministry or relocate to the village for a while to encounter the horrendous activities of the queen of the coast in person. The activities of coastal powers in cities are not as dreadful as they are in some inner villages, where darkness reigns supreme.

My heart hurts when I see pastors in the cities struggling for positions and money while millions of souls die without knowing God in the villages at the hands of the queen of the coast. Satan has already deviated a large number of Christians.

Unfortunately, many ministers and ministries have become ineffective because of worldliness, prayerlessness, and attacks by satanic forces, false doctrines, persecutions, financial mismanagement, women, and persecution from government authorities. Many churches are dormant today without recognizing that we are fighting a great enemy.

All our resources ought to be put together to ensure victory both at home and abroad and those who go into ministry should have this in mind. Our aim must be to save souls, not to make money, get name recognition, comfort, or to amass wealth for ourselves. Therefore, if we are going to please the Lord, we must rise above these things and get into the ministry with a sincere purpose, which is to deliver the souls of men. Working for God in the ministry is the only employment of indescribable eternal significance.

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