Finding the Right One for You

While some people are fortunate enough to find the right partner quickly, the same may not apply to you. The most important choice you’ll ever make in life—besides accepting Christ as your Savior—is who you’ll marry, so if you’re single, it’s imperative that you ask God for advice and follow His lead when making this choice.

As a believer, it is important to hear what the Word of God says on any matter. Even more so when it has to do with finding the right one to share your life with.

Marriage is the legally recognized union of two individuals who want to live together as domestic and sexual partners. It can be performed in a civil or religious ceremony. A man and a woman are legally married to start a new family. Understanding that marriage is for mature people is the best place to start when making plans to marry. Before you consider getting married, you must reach a certain level of physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual readiness.

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Empowerment or Destruction?

Today, marriage has been downplayed so much that it is not uncommon to find people walking down the aisle out of convenience. The holiness of the marriage relationship has been tossed aside and the benefits that marriage seems to offer have been picked up instead. There seems to be a decline in commitment when it comes to marriage, and people do not see the need to be properly equipped for it anymore.

Again, some people marry out of convenience, and that is the worst possible type of marriage there is. This can cause a lot of trauma for you and your marriage over time. It would be wrong to enter into any marriage relationship because of economic advantages alone, while disregarding the role of mutual affection and conviction involved.

Marriages arranged merely for mutual benefits or out of convenience do not fulfill the spiritual purposes of marriage. Therefore, entering into marriage without the necessary knowledge and due preparation can be destructive. It is possible to fulfill an immediate need for comfort and satisfaction, but by then, you will have launched yourself into a life of misery. Allow God to walk with you through the process of finding the right one for you and he will bless you with the best that he has for you.

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