Healing for the Children of God’s Covenant

God keeps his promises. God, who has never broken any covenant is faithful in keeping all his promises, even when we fail in our obligations. Despite the unimaginable number of years the children of Israel spent in captivity, God still remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

God promised Moses that He would take Israel, His people, out of Egypt and out of the bondage of Pharaoh, and he kept it. He brought them forth with silver and gold, provided water and food for them in the desert. There was not one feeble person among their tribes. Even when serpents bit the people because of their stubbornness, he healed them.

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“For a multitude of the people, even many of Ephraim, and Manasseh, Issachar, and Zebulun, had not cleansed themselves, yet did they eat the Passover otherwise than it was written. But Hezekiah prayed for them, saying, The good LORD pardon every one That prepareth his heart to seek God, the LORD God of his fathers, though he be not cleansed according to the purification of the sanctuary. And the LORD hearkened to Hezekiah, and healed the people”

2 Chronicles 30:18-20

When you humble yourself, acknowledge your sins, and repent of them, God is able to pardon you as He promised. He can heal every disease at a moment’s notice. He is able to atone for wrongs and heal our land. God can redeem the lives of the children of His covenant from destruction and crown them with love and mercy. He satisfies the children of His covenant with good things, and they cannot lack.

God will send His Word of healing to you when you pray, regardless of your affliction, suffering, and pain. If He could heal people who lived in iniquity, then He will also heal the children of His covenant. As a child of God, if you cry to God for deliverance, He will deliver you. If you have not been born again (in the spirit), God can still save and deliver you out of all your troubles and distress, but there is one requirement to meet as a sinner: confess your sins and pray.

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As a believer, you also have a requirement to meet: pray in faith, and your freedom will manifest. God is able to send His Word to heal you and deliver you from destruction. Are you under the attack of sickness, pestilence, swelling, disease, or sore sickness? God’s Word can heal all diseases. Learn how to take authority from the written Word of God. Jesus went about declaring the Word of God, which healed all manner of sicknesses.

“Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted. Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death. Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses. He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”

Psalms 107:17-20

All power belongs to Jesus. The power to stop evil movements in your reproductive organs belongs to Jesus. Jesus has the power to destroy tumors, fibroid, cancer, ulcers, itching, HIV, AIDS, heart failure, and all manner of illnesses. If you repent of your sins today and ask Jesus to heal you, He will surely heal you.

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