The Influence of the Jezebel Spirit

Jezebel was a formidable woman in the Bible. Even though she received a favorable punishment for her actions, she left her imprint on her victims with her numerous evil deeds. She became the proverbial for wickedness. Interestingly, it is possible for you to exhibit these traits. One might say that you have been possessed by the Jezebel spirit.

The spirit of Jezebel is tied with negative, evil influence, witchcraft, manipulation, wickedness, intimidation, seduction, force, lack of self-control, and all manner of abominable acts.

King Solomon was a victim of this spirit. Despite how accomplished he was, being the wisest man, he later began to walk outside God’s will and women possessed by the Jezebel spirit invaded his life, seduced him and brought him down to nothing. They took him out of God’s purpose, quenched the light of his wisdom and wealth, and denied him the power, the grace, and the ability to keep God’s instructions. This can happen to you too when you allow the spirit of Jezebel into your life. You will not be able to please God in such a state.

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The Jezebel Spirit

The spirit of Jezebel can wreck havoc anywhere it manages to infiltrate. It has never been associated with any good things. For instance, in a church, government, or family, it is very destructive. She operates through deceived apostles, leaders, and false workers, camouflaging themselves as apostles of Christ. The spirit of Jezebel in a man or woman is contagious and can bring a congregation, a whole city or a nation under sexual bondage, wrong doctrine, or collective captivity.

If you are under the influence of the Jezebel spirit, you become polluted, engaging in all manner of vices, including greed, anger, covetousness, pride, immorality, among others. This is also why you need to be cautious of the people that surround you and those you get acquainted with. They may be possessed with this spirit and, by virtue of association, pass it on to you. Other times, you may be aware of what you are doing and how wrong it is, but you may not have the power to break free.

Fortunately, there is a way out. You can break away from this captivity by going to God in prayer. You cannot overcome the negative influence of the spirit of Jezebel if you do not sincerely seek God’s help through prayer.

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Prayer points against the Jezebel Spirit

  1. Every Jezebel in my Solomon, your time is up, separate by force and come back no more, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  2. Let any Jezebel that has vowed to break my marriage, destroy my destiny, waste my children and take away my peace be destroyed.
  3. I break and loose myself from any journey, action, program and relationship designed to link me up to Jezebel.
  4. I command any spirit of Jezebel sitting upon my destiny or upon the destinies of my loved ones to be unseated by death, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Let any evil covenant I have entered into with Jezebels around me, break and back fire, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Let any Jezebel in the position of authority- in the government or in the church of God be frustrated.
  7. Any evil personality using fake gifts, blessings and miracles to deceive others, wherever you are, be exposed and disgraced, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Let every arrow of death prepared against me, my family members and my loved ones by Jezebel and Ahab, back fire in the name of Jesus.
  9. Almighty God, heal every part of my life that is suffering from the attack of the devil.
  10. Almighty God, arise in your anger and judge my Jezebel and her family, in the name of Jesus.

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