The Power of God in You

Have you experienced God’s power? Do you even know what it means and what it can do? God’s power is an inherent characteristic that He possesses, and you can see it in all his creations. Imagine how your life will be if God’s absolute power is at your disposal.

There is nothing impossible for the absolute power of God to do. Jesus is the physical embodiment of God’s absolute power, and while he was on earth, nothing was impossible before him. With him, you are complete. From the very day he appeared before the defeated and sick people of the world, abandoned by relatives and the helpless medical personnel, he healed all of them and destroyed all manner of sickness and disease among them.

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With this unrivaled power, he opened the blind’s eyes, deaf ears, restored withered hands, fed the hungry, cast out demons, chased away unclean spirits, and delivered the oppressed and possessed. Jesus, as the absolute power of God, removed plagues, destroyed curses, broke yokes and evil covenants, calmed great storms, and resurrected the dead.

The absolute power of God can do so many things in your life—much more than you imagined. Do you know that the absolute power of God can break the yoke of late marriage and give you a happy married life? And that it has the power to break the yoke of bad habits in your life? When you come in contact with God’s power, you can be completely free from life’s impossibilities, recurring problems, poverty, barrenness, witchcraft attack, evil inheritance, the spirit of rising and falling, and the powers of darkness emanating from environmental strongholds.

Those who will go to any length to obtain this power will be successful in life. They will receive power to break the yoke of iniquity, immorality, backwardness, miscarriage, business failure, and untimely deaths. When you receive God’s absolute power, you will be accepted everywhere you go for good, and hardship will leave you alone. Limitations will vanish, evil spirits will bow, and you will begin to enjoy unmerited favor from God.

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