The Promise of God as a Yoke Breaker

Many a time, believers may seem to forget God in the midst of their problems. Satan’s presence in the lives of some people makes them forget past divine interventions. They focus on their problem instead of God, and when such things happen, their faith in God will be affected.

Our God is a yoke breaker. God can make any problem go away, no matter how wicked, strong, or long it has existed. If you have faith in God, no matter your situation, God can break your yoke and promote you beyond your expectations. In the days of Abel, by faith, Abel offered burnt offerings to God, and God had respect for his sacrifices. As a result, the yoke of evil sacrifices that caged his generation could not cage him.

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In the days of Enoch, he believed in God, and God broke the yoke of iniquity in his life. He was the only person in his time who walked with God for about three hundred years. When God delivers a believer and breaks his yoke, he should not submit to any other yoke. However, if he finds himself under any other yoke, the God who delivered him at first is ready to forgive and deliver him if he only returns to God and forsakes his sin with determination to please God at all costs.

He should have faith in God and believe that with God, all things are possible. Believers should not fear any yoke, no matter how tight that yoke is. Once you believe in God, no evil yoke can prevail over you. Believers should therefore reject every form of bondage in life. Yokes are not meant to keep a true believer in bondage for a long time.

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Every believer should go to God, believing that God can break their yokes. As a believer, you should not submit to any evil power or ugly situation. God wants every believer to reign over every evil power, no matter what they have achieved in the lives of others. You are delivered to stand upright before every opposing enemy, problem, or power.

In the same way, true believers are not meant to remain under any form of oppression by any oppressor since God has promised to take away every burden from the believer’s life. Therefore, the rod of the oppressor is not meant to remain permanent in any true believer’s life. He has done it before, and he is still doing it today. God can still breaks the yoke of any believer. Those who trust in Him do not live long under any yoke.

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