What Happens After Deliverance

The life of a Christian is characterized by spiritual warfare. When you have sought deliverance from sin, that is when the warfare intensifies. The end of deliverance is not the end of prayer and temptations. After deliverance, the devil comes to the candidates in subtle ways to make them fall from grace so that they will lose what they gained during the period. The devil uses all means—people, things, and circumstances—to tempt deliverance candidates.

Immediately after deliverance, you must double your commitment to please God at all times in any situation. You must see any object of temptation not as a friend but as God’s enemy, sent to rob you of your hard-earned deliverance. You must be prepared because the temptation can come from your closest person, a friend, your husband or wife, or a respected leader.

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It may come in the form of lust, covetousness, or the flesh. It may also be disguised as inordinate ambition, a demonic door of opportunity, or come from an influential woman like the wife of Potiphar. You must resist the devil, the tempter, and the temptress.

Life After Deliverance

Life after deliverance is a real life of struggle against the wiles of the devil in a more subtle way. It is a time when the devil comes in clever ways to pull believers down so as to rob them of their deliverance. It is a time to put on the whole armor of God and be sober and vigilant more than ever before. As you get back to your office, home, or anywhere after deliverance, you need to make a clear decision to start living a more consistent Christian life.

It is a time to make a clear decision immediately in your office and make your stand known to your sin partners, friends, and even your boss. Stand by it without fear but with respect, believing that God will surely deliver you. Your vows, consecration, and repentance during deliverance must produce the fruits of righteousness, new life, and abortions of the evil old ways of life. You must avoid and reject your old ways of life.

God demands freedom from sin, a life of holiness, faith in Him, and a life of spiritual warfare after deliverance, and as such, you must be steadfast in your actions and be ready to give way to any suffering for God to be glorified in your life. God’s eyes are open, and He watches all your actions everywhere.

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