What Is Faithfulness in Service?

Faithfulness is one of the most underrated qualities, and without faithful Christians, the body of Christ cannot accomplish the will of God.

As a believer, no matter where you are working or whom you are working for, as an employee or an employer, you must be faithful as unto the Lord. As you work for yourself or for others, you must work very hard, being obedient to God and to man, and keeping all the rules and regulations that do not contradict God’s words. You must do the work as if it is your own job, knowing that the main reward for your labor comes from God (Ephesians 6:5-9).

These commands are for both the people working in the church and in their daily job. When you engage in eye service, threatening, or intimidating others, God cannot bless the works of your hands. Faithfulness also involves obeying whoever is in command, regardless of their status or familiarity. No matter who is placed over you where you are working, you must honour such a person. Don’t despise anyone who is placed over you, both in the church and in your daily job.

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However, because of a lack of understanding, many believers are working without being blessed. An insubordinate person praying that God should bless the works of his hand will not receive any blessing. Likewise, someone who steals, exploits their workers, refuses to pay their tithes. When you are not working and you are praying for blessings, the Lord will not force his blessings on you. Being faithful in your work is the channel through which God will bless you.

It is possible that in your place of work, a lot of discrimination, tribalism, and politics may be going on. Nevertheless, as a Christian employee, you must diligently show faithfulness in your work and trust God’s appointed time to bless you.

Jacob set a good example of faithfulness. After twenty years consumed by drought in the day and frost by night, sleep departed from his eyes. He then served fourteen years after being cheated and deceived several times by Laban before he eventually got married and his wages were changed ten times. He was faithful till the end, and God saw his affliction and the labours of his hands and mightily blessed him.

Hardwork in Faithful Service

While you may remain faithful to your work, you must also be serious about whatever work that is assigned to you. Joseph was a man who lived up to this. He faced a lot of trials, temptations, and hardships, starting with his family. Joseph remained faithful and hardworking wherever he went, and the Lord made him prosperous in all that he did. This eventually earned him a highly coveted position in Egypt.

In the same way, God is ready to bless and prosper you if you diligently obey His Word. When you keep his commandments, remaining faithful and hardworking wherever you find yourself, he will promote and prosper you. Your heavens will be open at all times for God’s unrestricted blessings.

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