What Is Service in the Workplace?

The idea that Christians don’t consider their work to be spiritual and that a typical 9–5 day cannot be sacred is a misconception that is widespread among Christians. They will need to work around these busy times if they are going to do anything spiritually or ministry-related. It is inaccurate and detrimental to assume that your routine work is not spiritual. Employment is spiritual. Work was actually invented by God.

There are a lot of us who work in fields that don’t seem to be relevant to our Christian faith. We desire to serve Christ but feel compelled to limit our service to Sunday or Wednesday mornings. You should know that God has put you where you are to serve Him and to bring Him glory, whether it is at an office, a classroom, at home, in a mission field, or anywhere else.

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When Jesus did his ministry on earth, he only served people and gave life to sick people. He did not demand services. Again, at the last supper, while His disciples were still eating, Jesus Christ took off his garment, took a towel, girded Himself and washed His disciples’ feet and wiped them with the towel. He had the right to demand services from people, but instead he chose to serve.

In the same way, whenever you get into any office, prepare your mind to serve others and do not expect anyone to serve you in return. Even as you move into your new place of work, offer your services to God and humanity. Jesus served with love and compassion. You too can do the same.

Though Christ washed his disciple’s feet, he may expect you to do the same. Rather, he would want you to follow in his footsteps in simplicity and sincerity, selflessness and humility. Your service, respect, and honor for one another must be rendered according to biblical principles (See Acts 4:19).

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