What You Need to Know About Decrees

When I was a child, my mother would frequently use the words, “Whatever we decree here on earth is decreed in heaven” while praying. Thereafter, when asked to pray, I would follow suit. Fast forward to now. I now understand that I have the power to decree and that it will be carried out.

God is a God of decrees, and those who believe in him are also given the power to decree and it comes to pass. All creatures came into existence because God decreed it for them. The heavens, angels, sun, moon, stars, and light also came into being because of God’s decree. The waters, which are under and above the earth, came because of God’s decree. You might want to ask, what is a decree?

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“Praise ye him, all his angels: praise ye him, all his hosts. Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light. He hath also established them forever and ever: he hath made a decree which shall not pass”

Psalms 148:2-3, 6

A decree is a tool meant for God and His children. As the crown of God’s creation, you have the right to command the elements and elemental powers to obey you. You have the authority, as invested by God, to talk to the moon and stars, and expect them to obey you. Likewise, in any situation where you decree a thing or revoke an evil decree against you, light will shine on your ways. And when light comes, the darkness disappears.


Knowing the devil and how he constantly takes advantage of his knowledge over men, he teaches his agents how to pass decrees against God’s people. The enemies of God then begin to use what rightly belongs to you to fight against you. What can you do though?

The Place of Faith

Right from the beginning of time, we saw faith in action. Why was it that God only made declarations, and things came into being? Because God knew that whatever He said would come to pass and this is called faith. If you desire to achieve any meaningful thing in life, you must have faith in the word of your mouth. God’s decrees are permanent, and so should be with true believers. Therefore, when you, as a believer, stand on God’s Word and make a decree, it will undoubtedly come to pass.

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A lot of the time, circumstances that surround you make it difficult for you to believe in the words you have spoken for yourself. Have you stopped praying and decreeing as you have been commanded to? Whatever the circumstance, you only have to speak out and believe when you say things as the Lord commanded and it shall stand.

If you do not start decreeing now, you may actually die while it is not God’s will. If you do not decree a thing now concerning your marriage, you may not marry or be married at all when you are supposed to marry; if you do not open your mouth and decree a thing now, evil people’s decrees against your life will end up manifesting in your life. Again, if you do not take charge of your life and begin to decree into it today, your life will continue to be an operating ground for the wicked.

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