Why Is Prayer Important?

Every human being has once prayed or is praying consciously or unconsciously. The problem is that, despite these worldwide prayers, few receive answers directly from God. 

Prayer is a command from God to man. Prayer is very important to God because it is only when we pray that he can appear in our situation. Without divine support, no single person or group of people can prosper. We all need God’s presence and answers to our prayers before Satan can be defeated in our lives. So prayer is not something we should joke about at all. 

Without prayer, Satan’s schemes in the world would multiply, giving the impression that God is far away and powerless to intervene. Delayed prayer distances us from God, and His presence also defeats us. Because of prayerlessness, God can be around and not manifest in a situation. When there is no prayer, the devil’s activity flourishes and God’s work seems to be behind.

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When should you pray?

At times there are situations that demand that we pray without ceasing. Even when our prayers are answered, the devil may want to renew the issue already settled in which case you need to pray. When you sin against God, the devil takes delight in accusing us before God. Therefore, even as a sinner, your prayers can prevent God’s punishment against you.

We are free to go to God in prayer anytime, morning or night. A man may grow tired of hearing from you, but God never does. God anxiously awaits our prayers with joy. It is only through prayers that he communicates with us.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me” 

Revelation 3:20

Sadly, many Christians stop praying once they receive answers to a prayer, a little progress, or an achievement. No matter how many times you pray, you have to keep on praying and thanking God. You can receive the answer by praying once for an answer, but we should not cease praying and giving thanks to the Lord.

It is very bad to know that God is waiting to hear from us and yet we fail to pray. But the truth is that not all prayers get to God and not all prayers are answered by God. So, if we place ourselves in situations where our God can easily hear us, we will receive immediate answers to our prayers; otherwise, we will pray in vain.

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