College: Catching Them Young

Most of the people in our colleges and universities are young. These youths, at their age, have ideas, goals, needs, and desires that motivate them to pursue their futures with vigor. They often aim at living a life of ideals and often shun advice from the elderly concerning the true realities of life. They are drawn to the shiny and flashy life in this phase. This results in a lot of problems subsequently. A contributing factor to this is that some of these youths are products of broken homes and have been exposed to contradictory values about life in general.

A striking attribute is how they tend to live by the standards and values of their peers, the media, leaders, etc. This has caused so many young people to find themselves in unexpected and unpleasant situations. When issues arise, desperate times require desperate actions. At this point, anything becomes a solution for them. Some of them join bad gangs as a result. They begin to drown in a sea of problems, seeking solace in illicit sex for love and satisfaction, which is only permitted in marriage, and using drugs to find meaning in their lives and fulfillment, which are only found in Christ.

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Youths are a group of people that are passing through the early phases of life and they are full of vigor, vitality, and ideas, wanting to spend them on something worthwhile. They need positive direction and guidance. They will be capable of doing exploits if properly guided. Youths need proper mobilization while they are still in college and their ideas and talents channeled into something worthwhile, or else they will leave college having wasted their treasures and come out to be part of the problems in society. They need God, and without God’s knowledge, their strength will be diverted from God’s plan.

The sons of Noah were energetic, zealous, and aggressive youths who were equipped but not divinely commissioned. They carried out their activities outside the will of God, and he was not pleased with them. The problem with many youths in places of learning is ignorance. They do not care to know God. They rush into life without consulting God, who is the owner of life. They want to enjoy the things of life at the expense of their future joy and happiness.

Esau sold his birthright for a plate of food and destroyed his future and that of his entire generation. Youth who do not know God will not understand the meaning of patience and waiting upon God. They won’t understand what it means to talk to God first. They’d rather live their lives by chance and want short-term pleasures.

A wise person weighs the costs of their choices in respect to the future and considers the effects of their actions. When you balance your actions using the Bible and prayers, you will find that some immediate pleasures are not worth the unending sufferings they attract as a result.

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