Efficacy of the Influence of Evil Decrees

What are Decrees?

When we speak of decree, we mean a strong and unshakable utterance, or exercise of power through word and command, which is next to certainty.  A decree can also be in form of an order that has equivalent force of law. It can be defined also as a religious ordinance enacted by a council or a particular head.

A decree is a way of foreordaining wills.  It is like a judgment delivered in a probate court, which confirms an order judicially. Decrees take many forms.

Forms Decrees can take

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There are good decrees, as well as bad/evil decrees of which the focus is on bad/evil decrees. Evil decrees can bring someone under the influence of curses, spells and all manner of evil, good decrees, sometimes rendered forcefully, set people free and bring restoration and serenity. When an evil person says any evil thing and stands firm on it, those words actually become evil decrees.  An evil decree can destroy or kill.  Evil decrees cannot be taken to be simple evil wishes against people; rather they are strong evil utterances or commands said in forceful manners. Evil decrees are evil words put together to torment people’s lives.

Efficacy of the Influence of Evil Decrees

They bring invisible barriers that can keep people out of God’s programs and promises.  Evil decrees frustrate everything their victims do and can bring frustration at the verge of success.  It is a decree said to limit a person or persons to certain levels of life.  Evil decrees can cause many problems in peoples’ lives.  They put people under serious bondages.  Evil decrees can cause premature deaths.  Evil decrees cause fatal accidents, losses of lives and destroy marriages.  An evil decree can bring someone under the power of poverty.  An evil decree can stimulate someone to commit suicide and can make people marry at later ages of their lives. Yokes of mental illness can be imposed on people through evil decrees. 

Evil decrees initiate uncontrollable desires for immorality.  It brings spiritual blindness and makes people to siphon off treasuries.  When one is under the influence of evil decree, such a person would not see things rightly. He or she would likely come under the control of errors, taking actions one is not supposed to take. It can also bring depression and feelings of dejection.

It could make people unreasonably harsh and evil decrees can be manipulated easily. Evil decrees bring all sorts of things unteachable. It can cause people to come under the yoke of vagabond spirits.  Victims of that lead to spiritual backwardness. That is why a brilliant student could suddenly become a dullard and begin to fail exams.  Evil decrees can bring people under periodical failures. They put people under demonic powers. That is exactly when people become confused in life, suffering from incurable diseases. Evil decrees facilitate sudden disappearance of good things.  They can cause a very rich person to become a beggar and remain under an evil mark.  Evil decrees pollute people’s characters.

For they eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.

Proverbs 4:17

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It is possible for someone under the influence of an evil decree to be deformed in life. In such cases, such people’s destinies are buried while they still live.  Dangerous decrees can cause you to lose your job in mysteriously circumstances and prevent you from getting other jobs. It can place people under the yoke of barrenness for years and if such evil decrees are not revoked, such victims would stay barren the rest of their lives.

Evil decrees subject people to pains, agony and prolonged sufferings. They cause miscarriages and painful menstruation. Dangerous decrees can shut the doors of true riches. Evil decrees are often the root of extreme hatred and unavoidable divorces. When a child is under the influence of dangerous decree, such a child’s behaviors would be strange. 

A Christian under the influence of evil decrees cannot enjoy good things for a long time. Such Christians will continue to experience incessant setbacks in every endeavor. This is because evil decrees cause people to fail in all their ventures. People under this influence are hindered to receive true miracles of God.  Instead, they remain entangled with wrong people in life, who influence them to make costly mistakes that can their lives. An evil decree can cause destruction in a twinkle of an eye. It can make an industrious or busy person to become lazy and unprofitable suddenly. Evil decrees multiply sorrow, worry and anxiety.

However as Christians, we are saddled with the responsibility of possessing all inheritance due us which is embedded in salvation. Every true believer should always recall that we have been given the authority to make violent utterances to possess our possessions.

For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all those opposing you will not be able to resist nor to reply to.

Luke 21:15

And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.


We should therefore not be ignorant of the devices of the crafty

For we are not ignorant of his devices.

2 Corinthians 2:11b

We need to enforce the authority of our New Birth in Christ.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

1 John 3:8b

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Prayer of Decree to Possess your Inheritance in Christ

My destiny shall not be amputated in the name of Jesus.

I decree that my divine destiny will appear and let perverted destiny disappear in the name of Jesus.

 I decree death upon satanic hands in my affairs in the name of Jesus.

Let all powers of darkness assigned to monitor my life, receive blindness in the name of Jesus.

I scatter every evil altar holding down my destiny and I break every curse of backwardness placed upon my destiny in the name of Jesus.

 My destiny, manifest by fire in the name of Jesus.

 I decree death upon all destiny killers and hijackers in the name of Jesus. 

My family will be fruitful and blessed and divinely favored on every side in the name of Jesus.

The scriptures cannot be broken, so I will multiply and replenish the earth in the name of Jesus.

No power from the water or air shall overcome me in the name of Jesus.

 I have dominion over the entire creatures in the name of Jesus.

 Every water spirit is subject to me by the power of the blood of Jesus.

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