The Born-Again Experience: A Life-Changing Journey of Service and Dedication

The born-again experience is the best thing that could happen to any Christian while on earth. And when you are born again, God expects that you use everything you have to promote His kingdom here on earth. A believer’s position, time, money, talents, gifts, and energy must be used to please God.

David, with a wonderful combination of personal bravery, courage, boldness, and skill, led Israel to subdue all her enemies. He laid the foundation for slaying giants in Israel, and a number of his officers followed suit. The major secret of his victories was that he regarded and fought Israel’s enemies as God’s enemies and dedicated his spoils of war to the Lord.

Them also king David dedicated unto the LORD, with the silver and the gold that he brought from all these nations; from Edom, and from Moab, and from the children of Ammon, and from the Philistines, and from Amalek’

1 Chronicles 18:11

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David was honored and remembered as one who ‘served his own generation by the will of God’ (Acts 13:36). His communion with God during his years of toil and wandering in the lonely hills manifested itself in the Psalms, which he composed. The care of his flocks, God’s perils and deliverances, and the grief and joy of his lowly position all prepared him for God’s work and the defense of the truth. As a worker in God’s vineyard, you must be content with what you have and trust God for His true plans for your life to manifest rather than seeking fake powers and fame, which will inevitably sabotage your relationship with God and cut short your ministry. 

Through the ages, in the midst of crooked and perverse generations, God always finds people to choose and call to His service. The question is, will God find you? You may be old now or maybe young, an ordinary member of your church, a civil servant, poor or rich, illiterate or educated. Whoever you are, at whatever point you are, God is calling you to preach the truth of the Gospel to the world.

As a student, trader, etc., you are in the mind of God, who is able to bless you beyond your imagination. Therefore, remain consistent and stay on the right path. We have to fight to keep the open door before us and avoid the mistakes of believers before us—mistakes that have caused ungodly nations to possess the inheritance of God’s children.

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