The Crying Blood of Jesus

Blood was mentioned throughout the scripture. When Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac, he was stopped just before he could sacrifice his son, and Isaac was set free. The blood of a ram was shed instead. The Israelites smeared blood on their doors as God had instructed them. In the temple, a countless number of animals were killed and used as offerings for the atonement of sins and other sacrifices.  

Blood served as a protective covering. Even when Jesus came, he sacrificed himself. He shed his blood on the cross of Calvary to redeem us from our sins. Now we don’t have to offer burnt offerings. The blood of Jesus replaced all of that fulfilling the prophecies and promises of God.

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Whenever and wherever blood is shed, it cries and attracts judgment against the person involved. Blood cries on different levels when it is shed. The highest blood cry is the blood of Jesus and it cries to defend everyone who repents and accept Christ as their Lord and personal savior. When true believers in Christ pray and invoke the crying blood of Jesus, heaven fights for such a believer.

“And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.”

Hebrews 12:24

Every sin has a voice, whether you committed it, or someone in your lineage, dead or alive, did it on your behalf. These voices are negative, destructive, and are the reason for failures, defeats, problems of all sorts, sicknesses, and diseases in the lives of people on earth.

But if you are born again, you are linked with Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant. As a result, you can, by faith, through prayers, sprinkle the blood of Jesus as a destructive weapon against the kingdom of darkness, against your problems, and against altars fighting you.

No blood sacrifice, divination, enchantment, or action can override or outshout Jesus’ blood on the battlefield. Nothing can stand against the blood of Jesus. The power of the redeeming blood of Jesus offered at Calvary is capable of redeeming the worst sinner with the worst of problems.

When the blood of Christ begins to cry for your sake, every other cry of blood, evil sacrifices, evil utterances, and negative actions, will perish forever.

It is time to stop acting like weak and helpless men when we have the most powerful weapon of all. Invoke the blood of Jesus through prayers and silence every power working against you.

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Praying with The Blood of Jesus

  1. I testify against any blood crying against my progress by the crying blood of Jesus.
  2. Any evil voice speaking against me from any evil altar or pit of hell, be silenced by the crying blood of Jesus, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  3. I bring repentance to every sin I ever committed, and the ones others committed on my behalf, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every record of sin in my life anywhere in creation, be removed permanently by the crying blood of Jesus.
  5. Any effect of the multiplied evil altars against my destiny, be stopped by the crying blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Because Jesus, my senior and only advocate, is the propitiation for my sins, let the voices of sin crying against me be silenced forever, in the name of Jesus.
  7. I command every evil personality sitting in my place in life to be unseated by the crying blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Any satanic change against my destiny in any evil altar, I reject you, be reversed, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Any satanic identification mark in my life from satanic kingdom, be erased by the crying blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Blood of Jesus, deliver me from fighting unnecessary battles and keep me away from satanic provocation.

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