The Power of Jesus’ Redeeming Blood

When true believers in Christ pray and invoke the shedding of Jesus’ blood, heaven fights for such a believer. Once you repent and begin to appropriate and invoke the blood of Jesus through prayers, all other blood cries from your foundation will be silenced. If you are born again, you are linked with Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant. As a result, you can, by faith and through prayer, sprinkle the blood of Jesus as a destructive weapon against the kingdom of darkness.

No blood sacrifice, voices of divination, enchantment, or action can override or outspeak the blood of Jesus on the battlefield. Every sin has a voice, whether you committed it or someone in your lineage, dead or alive, did it on your behalf. These voices are negative and destructive, and they are the reason for failures, defeats, problems of all sorts, sickness, and diseases in the lives of people on earth.

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When you repent and invoke the shedding of Jesus’ blood, every evil voice bows. The blood of Jesus can take your place in life, speak for you as an advocate, and watch over you even when you are asleep. The blood of Jesus Christ invoked by faith after true repentance can take your place, present Himself before your enemies and your problems, and silence them forever.

When the blood of Christ begins to cry for your sake, every other act of crying blood, including evil sacrifices, evil utterances, and negative actions, will perish forever. The power in Jesus’ redeeming blood shed on the cross is capable of redeeming the worst sinner with the worst of problems. 

The crying blood of Jesus Christ can silence any voice or evil sacrifice ever offered here on earth. Demonic activities, leprosy, demons from the tombs, and spiritual and physical authorities surrender before the pleading blood of Jesus. Powers behind business problems, poverty, and any other issues you may have bow before the crimson blood of Jesus. Nothing can stand against you before the blood of Jesus.

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Prayers with The Blood of Jesus

  1. Let the crying blood of Jesus begin to cry against every evil voice in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father Lord, by your mercy through the crying blood of Jesus, I shut up every evil utterance ever uttered against me by anyone, living or dead.
  3. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I stand against any crying blood from my foundation.
  4. Any evil movement against my destiny, spiritual or physical, be demobilized by the crying blood of Jesus. 
  5. Every enemy of my progress from my foundation, you are finished, drink the blood of Jesus and perish, in the name of Jesus.
  6. I present the blood of Jesus against every evil sacrifice ever offered against me, and I command them to expire.
  7. I disrespect every occult and witchcraft sacrifice ever offered against me by anyone living or dead by the precious blood of Jesus.
  8. Blood of Jesus, speak me out of every blood sacrifice holding me in bondage. I testify against any blood crying against my progress by the crying blood of Jesus.
  9. Wherever they will call my name, the name of my family members for evil, blood of Jesus, answer for us, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every problem in my life, you are finished, perish by the blood of Jesus.

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