The Prophet’s Warning: Staying True to God’s Word

For a very long time, this false prophetess with the spirit of Jezebel has deceived many in the church without being noticed. She occupied a very prominent position, a seat in the church, with recognition by the church leadership. Her teachings influenced many members to adopt her sinful lifestyle. All the other teachers and leaders in Thyatira came under her influence. Hence, they were all possessed by the spirit of Jezebel.

Christ saw this false prophetess in all her deception and destructive ministry with eyes like a flame. He walked into the church with His feet like brass, carrying a letter. As the true, steadfast, and faithful prophet from God, he confronted this fake and false prophetess like no one had done before. If you are in a church where you rule and reign without challenge, Christ has sent you a warning letter. 

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If your sinful lifestyle has influenced others in the church or community and yet no one has preached to you, open your ears. Christ, the true and faithful prophet, cannot be afraid of you if you promote sin and an evil lifestyle everywhere and no one has rebuked or warned you. If you are a leader who influences people under you wrongly, be warned. You may not have access to offering money, but your way of life and teachings influence people under you to tamper with God’s money. Be warned.

Likewise, if your teachings, prophecies, or style of leadership promote sexual immorality, separation, divorce, or any kind of sin, this may be your last or only warning letter. If you have despised other rebukes and warnings and got away with them, this one is coming from heaven, the faithful prophet of God. This preaching is coming from Christ; it is the one that all prophets have spoken about since the world began. The prophet that Moses saw and told the fathers of Israel that God would raise as a prophet The prophet that Moses commanded us to hear in all things.

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Again, you may have mismanaged the ministry and those under you, and you may have lived like Jezebel; you must hear Christ now, and whether or not you read this letter, every disobedient person will be judged. None of your activities, prophecies, or secrets are hidden from His eyes; He sees all. It is foolishness to think or believe that you have a secret before God. He knows all your activities, thoughts, and imaginations from before you were even born. There is no iniquity that can be hidden from His eyes. Every activity going on on earth, in heaven, in the church, everywhere, is exposed before His eyes, including your past.

This letter is telling you to acknowledge your sins and repent. If there is anyone to submit your royalty to, it must be Christ. Therefore, do not allow the fear of backslidden godfathers, leaders, and your flesh to put you at enmity with Christ. If you have to say no to anyone, let it not be to Christ. Christ has the final say, not your overseer. So do everything to the glory of God and not to please man. If you die trying to do the right thing, to obey Christ, those who kill you cannot judge you anymore.

Thus, do not compromise or re-model your ministry to suit anyone except Christ. Fight the good fight, fulfill your ministry, and please Christ to the end.

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