When Your Wealth Becomes a Curse

The desperation to attain success and belong like other people has led many into the arms of the devil. They will go to any lengths, even shedding blood and making deals with the devil, to get these riches.

Some have lost their sense of morality; they will defraud people in order to profit without regard to how it may affect these people. Some have gone into the famous secret cult groups. Occult wealth and riches are not genuine blessings. They are fictitious. You become an enemy of God when you engage in these filthy activities or soil your hands with the blood of the innocent. Here are six things that can defile your wealth when you engage in them.

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  • Using sorcery, committing adultery, falsely swearing, and oppressing others for profit.
  • When you mock God’s law and cause people to stumble for financial gain, your wealth becomes tainted.
  • Oppressing laborers, widows, and robbing God of tithes and offerings.
  • If you shed innocent blood for gain or abandon God to pursue the things of this world, your wealth will become a curse to you.
  • When you transgress God’s commandments and take or give bribes to gain favor in order to get rich, you defile your wealth.
  • When you engage in human sacrifices and enlarge your coast through evil practices, your wealth stinks. It can never be a blessing to you.

Engaging in activities that are against God’s word to get wealth puts you at the risk spending your eternity in hell. Anything you do without God to make money is evil, and as with everything evil, all the riches and wealth of the occult and wicked will perish, as will you.

Related books in this post

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