While You Are in the Waiting Room

Waiting to have your own children can be tough. During that time, it can be a tough period. During that time, you may be tempted to explore other options. The devil, as gracious as he can be, offers you a menu. The Devil has established many ways to help desperate women conceive. While some women consult idols in order to conceive, others follow evil prescriptions to invite demons into their wombs. Some even engage in diverse sexual relationships to conceive. This practice pollutes their babies from conception and opens the door for the devil to possess them.

Children who have been born through diabolical means such as these have died from witchcraft attacks and ritual sacrifices to the devil. The devil always demands what he gives with interest. Some of these children have great destinies, but because of how they were gotten, their destinies were fractured.

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None of this looks like what God has in store for you. You should totally depend on him and trust in his ability to fulfill his promises to you. Zachariah and Elizabeth never allowed their delay in childbirth to lure them to the devil’s option for conception. The devil talks a big game when it comes to providing options, but it doesn’t end with giving birth to a child. An important thing also is to have godly children, and for that, you need the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

You need to rely on the Holy Spirit while you are seeking a child and allow him to lead you throughout this waiting period. Do not give in to the ungodly options that may lie before you. Do not allow the devil to have a share of your children’s destiny. Their destinies must remain with God. God has not changed and he never will. He can still give you a child even at old age, as he did to Zachariah and Elizabeth.

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