God’s Presence in the Workplace

Many times, a Christian employee may find himself or herself in a cruel and unfair working environment. Any true Christian can tell you that persecution is a way of life. It is a necessity. It is the common experience for all believers, as tests and temptations come to all people in life.

In His mercy, God allows temptations to come to Christians in order to reveal where their trust lies and to provide opportunities for them to seek more grace from Him. Tests prove your faith, loyalty, and faithfulness to God. This is why you cannot rule out its benefits. However, if you are ignorant of the scriptures, you will surely fall in times of temptation.

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As a Christian, you have the opportunity to share God with other people every day. In your workplace, the fire of the gospel should spread through you. Although this can set off persecution, God’s grace will be sufficient to protect you. Unfortunately, you cannot do any of this if you have compromised your faith to get a job. The hunt for a job can make you resort to compromises, and if you do, you may likely face temptations, persecution, trials, and tests that you may not easily overcome.

When you go through the means of bribery or immorality to get a job, you will not be able to carry the fire of God to your place of work. Instead, strange fires from unbelievers will burn you instead because they know how you got your job, and this can destroy your relationship with God and eventually take you to hell. Ironically, your compromise does not end with getting the job. You will have to consent to more compromises in order to keep your job or you risk losing it.

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As a result, many Christians are under severe oppression in their places of work and have become slaves to their employers. How will you have time to enjoy a quality relationship with God when you are constantly saddled with work? You no longer have a choice because you gave that up to secure the job in the first place. Sadly, God’s presence cannot be there to fight your battles for you.

While seeking a job, it might take you longer than you anticipated. It can leave you frustrated, but this is the point where you trust God. If you get a job approved by God at the right time, no one can remove you or oppress you and go scot-free. You will not have to resort to any compromise because God will defend you to the very end. His presence will envelope you. Therefore, it is better to pray that God gives you the right job than for you to get it at the cost of your peace and sanity, your relationship with God, and his presence in your life.

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