Overcoming Evil Diversions to Fulfill Your Destiny

Every man is born with a great destiny here on earth. Unfortunately, many people who are born to rule and reign in their lives fail because of evil diversions. The devil diverts their destinies through the wrong choices they make. They forsake God’s ways and follow their own. You cannot be successful in life if you go your own way. 

Let’s look at the life of Methuselah. He was the son of Enoch, born by a godly father who walked with God for three hundred years after he begat Methuselah. His son Methuselah, on the other hand, was distracted and diverted. It is possible that he could have arrogantly married the wrong woman against the will of God. He could have made a concession in his marriage. 

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Maybe he was compelled to observe an ungodly tradition that moved him away from God’s presence. Whatever was the case, he was distracted and eventually diverted from his destiny. The Bible likened all men’s relationship to God and His Word to seeds that a sower sowed in his field. Methuselah’s philosophy on life was different from that of God. He did not live the majority of his life in God’s presence.

Methuselah was the oldest man to live on earth, but he had no remarkable relationship with God. He spent 969 years on earth, giving birth to children who had no reverence for God and who led their generation away from the true God. He could have been deceived by the ungodly tradition of men and observed rules that contradicted God’s Word.

When you allow the traditions and philosophies of men to divert your destiny from God, you may live for a long time on earth but in great pain. Death creeps around the homes of many people, especially those who have abandoned God. You can easily notice death hanging over their marriages, their lives, and their children. It is possible to feel the torment of death without dying physically. This is a grievous death.

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Such death will not allow you to experience joy, peace, or rest in your life. When you lack help or true supporters, you will live a difficult and hard life. If people reject you while you are still alive or hate you for no tangible reason, you are in trouble. No matter how long you stay on earth or how old you are, when you suffer a grievous death, only God can save you.

Hence, you need to be born-again by repenting, confessing your sins, and accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior so as not to be a victim of grievous death. A grievous death is such a cruel way to die. It indicates severity and requires an urgent solution. It speaks of an unimaginable type of malady that occurs to abort everything good in a place or a person. When you accept Christ into your life, you can be sure of a meaningful, purposeful life. Otherwise, there is no hope for you.

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