Pregnancy Under Attack

When you are pregnant, the devil and his agents do not stop at anything to seek your destruction. The powers of darkness and their human agents like to feed on human flesh and blood. I hope this is not surprising to you because these wicked powers and their agents hunt human beings from their conception to the grave, seeking to harvest their destinies.

They monitor the lives of babies in the womb to abort the lives of innocent babies. These agents offer sacrifices to the devil to obtain information. They raise altars to know when their enemies are pregnant in order to induce abortion. They obtain powers from the devil to cause deaths. In so doing, they make the cities bloody.

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These agents of the devil increase lies and carry out spiritual and physical robberies to thrive. They plant the spirit of death in people’s wombs to kill and abort their babies. They use witchcraft to enchant pregnant women. They summon people’s pregnancies to their evil altars to induce bleeding, premature births, and mysterious miscarriages.

Agents of the devil set up different altars so they could keep an eye on their victims and know when they were pregnant. Whatever you let them do in your life through their altars will eventually show up in the real world. Their altars are their spiritual dining tables, where they feast on human flesh and drink their blood. It is a place where they fellowship with the devil to obtain power and information concerning people’s destinies.

They can permit you to conceive a child, an idea, or a promising program, but they cannot allow a peaceful conclusion. They would try to abort them halfway through the delivery and fruition process. They will never choose to allow you to fulfill your destiny and be happy in life unless you refuse to allow them to prosper in your life without vigorous confrontation. 

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The activities of spiritually wicked entities cannot be overemphasized. There is a power that specializes in causing miscarriages. These powers strive from your conception until the ninth month to devour your babies through miscarriage or induced abortion. It is possible that while your womb cannot produce or carry a baby physically, it is doing so at evil altars, and it is bizarre that your womb, which cannot give you children, is giving birth elsewhere.

However, the truth is that God does create useless wombs. Though it seems you cannot carry a child, when you trust God in His Word, you will carry your own child eventually in the name of Jesus. You can confront these spirits through prayers of faith.

Prayers to Overcome Miscarriage

  1. I terminate evil programs that are going on against my childbearing, in the name of Jesus.
  2. You drinkers of my baby’s blood in the womb, drink your own blood, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Let all eaters of my baby’s flesh eat their own flesh and die, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Any evil eye that is monitoring my pregnancy, go blind completely, in the name of Jesus.
  5. You, spirit of death that is killing babies in my womb, be frustrated, in the name of Jesus.
  6. I waste every weapon of death that is fashioned against my pregnancies, in the name of Jesus.
  7. I destroy evil priests that are ministering over my pregnancies, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Any plan to defile the baby in my womb, I reject you by force, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Any occult attack on my pregnancy, backfire by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Let the power of God correct everything that is wrong with my reproductive organs, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Let arrows of miscarriage and death that was fired into my womb backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  12. O Lord, arise and empower me to overcome the power of miscarriage, in the name of Jesus.

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