Reasons to Stay Charged Spiritually

The prevalence of satanic evil in the world today can be attributed to a lack of understanding within Christian communities. Christianity has become diluted and the moral standards have been lowered. However, the few individuals who truly comprehend the essence of Christianity and the expectations of God in various aspects of life are able to resist these invasions.

Materialism has replaced the true faith and many are now pursuing shadows. Prayers of deliverance, fasting and prayers for revival are needed in our generation from the leadership to the last person in the church and our communities. Sin, flesh and demonstrations of carnality are on the increase.

We need to go back to the Scriptures and find out from God what is wrong. The burden in my heart as I write this book is to provide insights into various topics of great concern before prayers are offered. Many religious prayer groups and deliverance ministers are being converted to join occult groups because of famine of God’s Word.

They pray without true knowledge of God and His Word, do deliverance without righteousness, command power without purity, gifts without grace, discernment without being disciplined and faith without fruits.

Many prayer groups, deliverance ministries are turning to evil gathering of people who perform miracles without mercy, healing without holiness. Many leaders lack God’s grace, purity, discipline, mercy, love and other fruit of the spirit, and yet they lead others. We need to know and experience the basis of truth before prayers are offered to God.

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Some Reasons to Stay Charged Spiritually

  • Because many people are under satanic attacks and many are now confused, year after year.
  • Because of the increase of witchcraft activities and occultism.
    • Because many problems are beyond medical science and mysterious deaths are on the increase.
    • Because many people are at cross road, hopeless and peace is scarce all over the world.
    • Because of political instability and need of national healing.
    • Because of unsolved family problems in many homes, the increase of divorce cases, separations and single parents in the society.
    • Because of family troubles, increase in unemployment, youth violence and social unrests.
    • Because of occultism in the church and demonic attacks on believers.
    • Because the church and the society are in need of people of character and integrity, as many destructive bad habits have captured many people in our generation.
    • Many need protections from evil forces and they are not getting it.
    • Because many great people on earth especially believers are entangled in economic meltdown, lockdown and destructive virus.
    • Because of the debilitating and deplorable health situations of many, even with the abundance of food and medical technology in our generation.
    • Because of the growing number of youths who are engaged in terrorism, possibly because of unemployment.
    • Because of the increase of wars, quest for power, fame, position and love of money among the restless and vibrant youths.
    • Because evil men are increasing and wicked people getting richer, and the number of poor people getting higher.
    • Because of worldliness, pleasure, and millions of sexual demons and the manifestation of unclean spirits.

As a christian, determine within yourself therefore to constantly stay charged on a daily basis because the devil always seeks for loop holes from where to creep into the lives of believers.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy, I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10.

Neither give place to the devil.

Ephesians 4:27

Related books in this post


  1. Robert Shepherd

    Thanks, man of God!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Dear brother Prayer, this Message is so correct and true.
    We do need to stay vigilant and prayed up. Because of the amount of evil in this world growing.
    Thank you.
    Brother I need your prayers, please.

  3. Alicia Pilgrim

    I read this post and wondered if Pastor was reading my mind because for the first time in a very long time I’ve felt like I was not the only one seeing the issues and desiring a change. So many have gone after the ways of Balaam. Some knowingly and others unknowingly. There is so much truth and even more sadness of what’s been shared by the writer. I pray the Lord’s grace for those of us who are still on the straight and narrow road and that we’d be strong to endure til the end and for those who’ve lost track of their bearing, may the Lord send His help and mercy so they can wake up. Powerful stuff shared

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you for your letter .i am every much into the blood of Jesus book . It will used often I have ordered a number of your books and I believe they will be arriving today . I am liking the smoothness of your teaching, as it has been said keep it simple . It is nice to be retired as this gives me the freedom to spend every day studying and prayer. Thank you for sharing our wisdom .

  5. Tawanna Green

    Very True. Thank you for these pointers

  6. This post is confirmation of what the Holy Ghost has been revealing in a local church and the biblical teachings of my Prophet/Pastor Gregory Perry thank you for sharing

  7. Patience l. Simate

    Thank you for remembering and sending me this wonderful remainder of why we should stay spiritually charged always. Thank you, God bless you and continue renewing your spiritual mind everyday.
    More grace upon your life sir.

  8. Pedro Uwadum ADAGBOR

    This book truly reveals end time tricks of the enemy. Good book for ALL

  9. Children of the light

    Blessings Pastor Madueke I agree we have to stay spiritually charge being in the posture to watch and pray. God has never lowered his expectations of us to live a holy life unto him but we have lower our standards because of the world

  10. Antonette Schwartz

    Amen! I agree with this post.

    Moreover, what we as believers lack is faith. We read the word of God, but we don’t believe. We pray and don’t believe what we prayed for. We received our miracle today and doubt another day that God can do it again.

    We are more interested in what we can see physical and not what God can do for us.

    I pray that this book is not read casually but with the authority that God has given us.

  11. Evangelist Azeeko John

    Thank you very much man of God, May His grace and wisdom continue to reign in your life.

  12. Kankunda Elizabeth Adrine

    Thank for sharing the information with me
    I appreciate the information and the prayers you pray with us
    God bless you

  13. Rhondine Liburd Wilson

    It is so heartbreaking to look at the Church adopt the ways of a dying world. No longer do people want to worship GOD but rather praise. Darkness is even standing in pulpits, where witchcraft workers are pretending to be men and women of GOD and people are being drawn away, while no one does anything. Has God’s people forgotten who they are in Christ? LORD hear us when we pray

  14. Veronica

    You’ve expressed the truth vividly and with unrestrained clarity. Indeed we live in this world that’s deteriorating by the seconds, as you’ve so expressed in every aspect. Therefore it is imperative to remain steadfast in prayer and Faithfulness. We must all purpose to remain prayerful in due diligence. But let’s not forget His Holy Word. G-D cannot be mocked, whatever a person sows, the same, they will reap. For me, I purpose to be obedient to His Holy Will; to be filled with His Perfect Love; for His Divine Spirit to continue to teach and instruct me; to love Him with all my heart and mind; to love others as I love myself and to take pursuance and comfort in His Holy Word. Amen to the Glory of G-D and Forevermore Amen.

  15. Zulma Davila

    “REASONS TO STAY CHARGED SPIRITUALLY” I just wanted to thank you for sending me this email. I don’t have a lot of time to read a lot of emails and I was just going to unsubscribe but I started reading it and the part of the “lack of understanding” just made me continue. I agree that I am constantly casting down imaginations and taking thoughts captive. I realized that if I allow these things to continue I cannot be fully in a position to hear from God clearly. Thank you for confirming so many things that I’ve been sensing. I appreciate you, have a blessed day!

  16. Pst Martin-Geo Eluemuno

    Very true. Thanks for the exposition.

  17. Anonymous

    thank you soo much Papa, this has really blessed us

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