The Yoke of Sin

A yoke is something that takes away your freedom. Literally, it is a wooden bar or frame tied to the heads or necks of two animals to work together. The yoke significantly makes it impossible for each of the animals to operate freely or independently.

A yoke is an oppressive agency; it is designed to bind or enslave a person. Connecting a person with problems is coercive agency. For instance, a Christian who is married to an unbeliever is under a yoke. To be under a yoke is like carrying a burden or load. Yokes can take the shape of different situations, like the yoke of transgression.

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Transgression is going beyond the limit of what is morally or legally acceptable to God. The yoke of transgression is the greatest evil yoke ever devised in the kingdom of darkness against mankind. This yoke has had an impact on the lives of all creatures under the heavens, as well as all generations past and present. 

When this yoke is upon anyone, he must be doing things wrong in the sight of God. Nobody can be under the yoke of transgression and live a holy life. The yoke of transgression takes one completely away from the righteousness required by God to make one reputable. Whoever has this yoke will not make it to heaven if he falls to break it. The yoke of transgression is of many kinds, sizes, and colors, depending on where you are born or your involvement in life.

As many people as are enslaved by this yoke have been disgraced by the devil. Nonetheless, only a man who is born again and lives a consistent Christian life can, by God’s grace, break this yoke. The yoke of transgression enters a man’s life as soon as he is born, regardless of who he is. It is contacted by ancestors.

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“Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me”

Psalms 51:5


No matter how close you are to God, once you allow yourself to be yoked with transgression, you will begin to fail in the battles of life, and it can lead you to death. This world is full of battles. Many have lost the battle of life because they failed to break the yoke of transgression. When your holiness is reduced as a Christian, you may be a casualty on the battlefield.

When your prayer life reduces, the enemy may yoke you up with the yoke of transgression, and once you are yoked with the yoke of transgression, he will begin to fail in every battle. Once you begin to fail in the battles of life, you may lose your life. And once you lose your life under the yoke of transgression, you may go to hellfire to spend your eternity. May God forbid!

As long as you refuse to repent and forsake your sins, you will remain under the yoke of transgression. You cannot be under this yoke and make it in life. It is not possible at all. You need to be born again, for if you are winning today with the yoke of sin upon you, it does not mean that you can always win. It is only a result of God’s grace. This may be your last chance. Sin is the yoke of transgression. No matter your title, if there is any single sin reigning over you, it is the yoke of transgression. No matter how powerful you are in any field, you must break the yoke of transgression from your life. 

You can succeed today if you so wish. The Lord is ready to break the yoke of transgression upon you

Lamentations 1:14

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