What Is Demonic Oppression

What Is Demonic Oppression, and How Can You Prevent It?

What Is Demonic Oppression?

A demonic spirit can attack someone spiritually and try to change their thoughts, feelings, or even actions. This is called evil oppression. Since a demon can’t take over a Christian and rule them, the next best thing is to oppress them. These attacks usually start in our minds because that’s where our thoughts, feelings, and actions all come from. When demons try to control someone, they want to keep them trapped and bound. The goal is to stop Christians from doing anything, so they can’t help others.

Signs of Demonic Oppression?

If you want to know how to spot demons trying to control you, you first need to know how Satan works. He is their boss, and they do what he says. It can be hard to tell because the places being attacked don’t always look like they are being attacked by demons. In some cases, they can even look like other problems, which might make you not think that a devil is attacking. Over the years, I’ve heard people tell me about times when they felt a bad spirit in their room or knew they were there. Those are some of the more obvious ways that demons can abuse people. Now I want to talk about three signs that you might mistake for attacks from the enemy:

  1. Abnormal fear

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” – 1 Peter 5:8

Satan thrives on instilling fear and intimidation. These are two of his most powerful weapons and can be symptoms of demonic oppression. This does not imply that if you are terrified, you are under demonic domination, as we all experience dread at some point in our lives. When your terror exceeds what is normal or ordinary, you may begin to suspect demonic tyranny. Remember that the attacks frequently begin in our minds and then spread to our emotions and actions. A person who is being attacked in this way may withdraw from contacts with others out of fear of the outcome, which frequently never occurs. To an observer, this form of fear appears irrational, but to the person experiencing it, it feels very genuine. Again, I want to be clear: a person experiencing terror may not be under demonic control, but if it worsens, that is something to consider.

2. Sleeplessness and Nightmares

One of the things we must understand in this spiritual struggle is that Satan is frequently eager to play the long game. This suggests he is perfectly willing to prolong an attack in order to wear you out. If you recall the story of Samson and Delilah, she was relentless in her quest to discover the source of his power, and Samson eventually gave in. Another indicator of demonic tyranny is an attack on a person’s capacity to rest. This could be an attempt to destroy your dreams or, once again, give you so much fear and concern that you are unable to sleep. This works because we become fatigued without rest, and being tired makes us vulnerable. If you’ve ever watched a boxing battle, you’ll notice that the opponent’s plan is to make the other fighter work hard in the early rounds so that by the later rounds, all of their power and energy have been depleted. When this occurs, it can eventually sap their opponent’s motivation to battle. If you are unable to slumber for a significant amount of time, consider demonic oppression. This is especially true if the difficulty to rest cannot be explained by any current events in a person’s life. If these symptoms develop, it is time to investigate whether you are under attack.

3. Extended Episodes of Depression Without a Clear Cause

How to Overcome Demonic Oppression?

Regardless of the form, we must learn how to overcome it. I am a firm believer that spiritual wars require spiritual weapons, which God has mercifully provided for us. As you search the Scriptures, you will see what God has provided for you to fight back against any type of demonic persecution, regardless of its form. I would direct your attention to Scriptures discussing God’s armor, power, and the operation of the Holy Spirit in you. As you read and digest these, you will realize that God has equipped you and that you do not have to be defeated by demonic persecution. Allow me to provide one scripture to encourage you.

“But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.” – 1 John 4:4 (NLT)

One thing you should know is that if you are in Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in you. This fact alone means that you now have the Spirit of God dwelling inside you, which is greater than any evil spirit that would attempt to afflict you. To fight back, you must first believe these truths to be real, which requires you to study and apply God’s Word to your life. As you do this, you will become stronger and more confident in who you are in Christ, which will provide you with the strength you need to fight back against demonic persecution.

I understand that demonic oppression is real and should not be taken lightly. I also know that God exists and is greater than all. Most significantly, when you are in him, you carry his authority. Your obligation is to use what he has given you to win every spiritual conflict. Even if a demonic entity attempts to assault you, God has equipped you to overcome.

You Can Get Free From Demonic Control by Doing the Following:

  1. Confess Your Sins and Ask God for Forgiveness

Spend some time reflecting about your life and how you got to where you are today. What decisions and behavioral habits led you to commit the wicked act? Being aware of your thoughts and behaviors will help you avoid repeating the same situation in the future.

2. Tell God What You Have Done Wrong and Ask for Forgiveness.

Go to your parish priest and admit your sins. Ask God for pardon and repent of your sin. Identifying your triggers and vulnerabilities can help you resolve not to repeat the same sinful patterns.

3. Claim What God Has Promised.

Renouncing your sin needs a daily commitment, and there will be days when you feel vulnerable and weak. This is where God’s word will come into play. During challenging circumstances, we can rely on the Bible’s wisdom and promises.

Whenever you feel like you are experiencing demonic oppression again, adhere to these verses of Scripture and use them to condemn the wicked spirit that is seducing you.

4. Pray All the Time.

Make prayer a daily habit. Spend the first few minutes of your morning praying to God. Pour your heart out to Him and share your greatest struggles. Ask Him for direction and wisdom to help you through your day.

At the very least, we recommend that you pray the lord prayer.

5. Find Someone Who Can Hold You Spiritually Accountable.

Your spiritual accountability person is someone who will pray for you and assist you on your journey out of demonic oppression. This individual should be more spiritually developed than you and willing to support you in your challenges by providing excellent advice and direction. You can ask your parish priest to be your accountability person.

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