The Story of Esther: Courage and Faith for Young Girls

“The biblical account of Queen Esther is a powerful illustration of the strength of bravery and faith. A young Jewish girl named Esther rises to the throne and uses her power to save her people from being destroyed. Her tale is more than just a historical narrative; it is a source of courage and inspiration for leading a fearless and faith-filled life, embodying the essence of Esther Bible lessons and courageous women in the Bible.

Who Was Esther?

Raised by her cousin Mordecai, Esther was an orphan. She was a Jewish girl living in Persia, one of the major Jewish communities left behind after the exile in Babylon. Following Queen Vashti’s dismissal, King Ahasuerus of Persia went in search of a new consort. Known for her elegance and beauty, Esther was brought to the palace and finally became queen, however, at Mordecai’s counsel, she concealed her Jewish origin (Esther 2:10), highlighting the themes of Esther and Mordecai and women of faith in Scripture.

Esther’s Trial of Courage and Faith

The real test for Esther came when the king’s counselor Haman planned to exterminate every Jew in Persia because Mordecai would not submit to him. Mordecai pushed Esther to contact the monarch on behalf of her people, which was a risky move since going to the king uninvited may result in death.

In answer to Mordecai, Esther showed first reluctance but then trust. She defied the commandment by asking all the Jews to fast and pray for three days, and if she didn’t make it, she would go to the king (Esther 4:16). With her reliance on God, Esther makes a crucial choice that turns her from a helpless figure to an active rescuer of her people, demonstrating Christian role models for girls and faith lessons for young girls.

Esther’s Meeting with the King

Following a three-day period of abstinence from food and prayer, Esther went to King Ahasuerus. He greeted her warmly and extended an invitation to take as much of his realm as she desired. Haman and the king were graciously invited to a meal by Esther. Esther disclosed her Jewish background and Haman’s scheme against her people at her second meal. Enraged at Haman’s deceit, the king gave the order to hang Haman from the gallows that Mordecai had been given.

Esther’s bravery and astute strategy kept her people alive. The Jews prevailed because the monarch gave them the freedom to defend themselves against their adversaries (Esther 8:11).

Lessons from the Story of Esther

The tale of Esther serves as a potent reminder that God may work through anybody, regardless of gender or age, to accomplish His goals. She is a great example for everyone, particularly young girls who are learning to stand fast in their ideas and principles, because of her bravery and faith in the face of adversity, a lesson in healing broken relationships and celebrating spiritual restoration.

Points of prayer

  • Lord, give our young ladies the bravery to speak up for what is right even when it is tough, as Esther did.
  • We pray to Heavenly Father for wisdom so that our girls might make wise judgments in all areas of their life.
  • Prayer for Faith: Almighty God, increase our little girls’ faith so they can rely on You in all situations.
  • We pray for protection for our girls, asking the Lord to keep them safe from harm and bad intent, just as You did for Esther.
  • Pray for Leadership: Grant our young females the maturity and leadership skills they need to make a good impact on their generation.
  • Prayer for Success: As You blessed Esther, Father, grant our daughters success in all of their good deeds.
  • Pray for Blessings: May our young ladies experience blessings in every aspect of their life, just as Esther was seen favorably by everyone.
  • Pray for Advocacy: Give our girls the strength to stand up for others who are unable to speak for themselves.
  • Prayer for Community: Assist our young ladies in creating and sustaining groups that are honoring of You, powerful and encouraging.
  • Lord, please prepare our girls for a happy and prosperous future filled with chances to serve and exalt You.

In addition to teaching us about the historical rescue of the Jewish people, Esther’s narrative offers timeless lessons on living a morally and religiously upright life. Let us inspire our young ladies to look up to Esther’s bravery and unwavering devotion to God as they develop their faith and navigate life’s hardships.”

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