Warning Against False Prophets

Every day, we are bombarded with messages. And we often misinterpret what is true and what is false when it comes to messages about the gospel. Today, there are so many peddlers of the gospel that it is getting hard to keep up.

Towards the end of Jesus’s earthly ministry, he warned his disciples about the emergence of false prophets. He knew that they existed and had already started operating in various churches, hence the letters he sent to the seven churches in Asia. In the letters, he commended, warned, rebuked, encouraged, and extended his promises to all who had ears to hear.

In the community church in Thyatira, there was a false prophetess who had been teaching and wrongly influencing the members. For a very long time, this false prophetess with the spirit of Jezebel had deceived many in the community undetected. She occupied a prominent position in the church and was accorded recognition by the community leadership. Her teachings influenced many to adopt her sinful lifestyle. All the teachers and leaders in Thyatira were under her influence. They were possessed by the spirit of Jezebel.

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Christ did not hesitate to confront her and her ways. In the same way, Christ is confronting you today. If you are wreaking havoc in your community unchallenged, or have authority in your community church but influence people to do evil, this is for you.

Everything you do should be to the glory of God and not to please men. Christ will not judge you based on your faithfulness to people, but on your faithfulness to His word.

What should you do?

Preach as Christ would have you preach; testify as He would have you testify; and do not misuse community funds to please your family. Do not compromise or remodel things wrongly to suit anyone except Christ. Fight the good fight, fulfill your ministry, and please Christ to the end.

You may encounter opposition when you seek to obey God’s word and toe in line with His commands. Nonetheless, your allegiance is to Christ. You can be confident that He will reward you on the Day of Judgment.


It is foolishness to think or believe that you have a secret before God. He knows your evil activities. Your darkest or deepest secrets are exposed before the eyes of this faithful prophet. The eyes of Christ are the source of all-seeing eyes and the candles of the world put together. Regardless of your position or gifts, you must acknowledge that they are all from him and that you will be judged if you refuse to obey his word.

Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.


You may equally be practicing all forms of witchcraft, dominating the people around you. You should too are not exempted from the Judgment of Christ.

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