Reasons To Pray And Fast

No strange fire can last in the life of true children of God, who know and believe what God says about them. We belong to God by creation and by redemption and he watches over us to preserve us. Any circumstance, attitude, curse or utterance contrary to who God said you are can be changed through prayers. God is not a failure; therefore, his children must not accept failure. You can use the prayers to whip the devil, no matter how far or how long he has harassed you in life. When you pray, God will not allow the enemy or demons to defile you, His temple.

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Reasons We Pray

  • Because many people are under satanic attacks and many are now confused, year after year.
  • Because of the increase of witchcraft activities and occultism.
    • Because many problems are beyond medical science and mysterious deaths are on the increase.
    • Because many people are at cross road, hopeless and peace is scarce all over the world.
    • Because of political instability and need of national healing.
    • Because of unsolved family problems in many homes, the increase of divorce cases, separations and single parents in the society.
    • Because of family troubles, increase in unemployment, youth violence and social unrests.
    • Because of occultism in the church and demonic attacks on believers.
    • Because the church and the society are in need of people of character and integrity, as many destructive bad habits have captured many people in our generation.
    • Many need protections from evil forces and they are not getting it.
    • Because many great people on earth especially believers are entangled in economic meltdown, lockdown and destructive virus.
    • Because of the debilitating and deplorable health situations of many, even with the abundance of food and medical technology in our generation.
    • Because of the growing number of youths who are engaged in terrorism, possibly because of unemployment.
    • Because of the increase of wars, quest for power, fame, position and love of money among the restless and vibrant youths.
    • Because evil men are increasing and wicked people getting richer, and the number of poor people getting higher.
    • Because of worldliness, pleasure, and millions of sexual demons and the manifestation of unclean spirits.

Materialism has replaced the true faith and many are now pursuing shadows. Prayers of deliverance, fasting and prayers for revival are needed in our generation from the leadership to the last person in the church and our communities. Sin, flesh and demonstrations of carnality are on the increase.

We need to go back to the Scriptures and find out from God what is wrong. Many religious prayer groups and deliverance ministers are being converted to join occult groups because of famine of God’s Word.

They pray without true knowledge of God and His Word, do deliverance without righteousness, command power without purity, gifts without grace, discernment without being disciplined and faith without fruits.

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Prayers for Empowerment

  1. Every evil movement against my life, be demobilized, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every power assigned to arrest my star this year, be arrested.
  3. Every witchcraft power manifesting under the waters against me, fail woefully, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every witchcraft plan against me this year, be aborted.
  5. Every messenger of trouble that is assigned to me this year, perish, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Let every program of the wicked against my life this year be frustrated.
  7. I enter into the air to recover all my lost blessings, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Let my enemies begin to make mistakes that will favor me, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every attack of the devil planned against me this year, fail woefully.
  10. Every agent of destiny killer sent to me, perish on your way, in the name of Jesus.

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