The Impact of Evil Altars on Marriages and How to Deal With Them

Marriage serves as a light of love, togetherness, and divine purpose throughout one’s life. It’s a lovely commitment in which two souls promise to travel together through life’s highs and lows, embodying the essence of strengthening marriage through faith. However, marriage, like any other serious effort, has its own set of challenges. Some of these roadblocks are simple and predictable, part of the normal ebb and flow of a relationship. Others, however, seem to spring from deeper, more mysterious sources—these are the issues that may leave couples perplexed and stretched to their limits. Within some spiritual traditions, these specific strains are often interpreted as the influence of “evil altars,” a term that refers to spiritual entities that want to disturb and undermine the sacredness of marriage, effectively protecting marriages from evil forces.

What are Evil Altars?

Before we delve into the impacts and remedies, let’s define “evil altars.” In many spiritual traditions, an altar serves as a holy space for offerings, prayers, and communication with the divine. When prefixed with “evil,” it represents a base of operation for negative energies or intents aimed at inflicting damage or strife. While the notion might seem like something out of a fiction novel to some, in spiritual terms, they are seen as actual forces that can affect people’s lives, especially their marriages, necessitating Biblical solutions for marriage problems.

How Do They Affect Marriage?

Evil altars, or the terrible energies they symbolize, may emerge in a variety of ways throughout a marriage. Couples may notice an increase in disputes, financial difficulties, health challenges, or an unexplainable sense of doom over their relationship, highlighting the need for combatting negative spiritual influences in relationships. The pleasure and love that once characterized their partnership may seem distant memories, replaced by a continual effort to just keep afloat, pushing couples to seek divine intervention in marital conflicts.

Battling the Influence

Fortunately, there is hope. Numerous solutions based on spiritual practices and religion may help couples regain their relationships from these destructive influences, employing strategies for overcoming spiritual obstacles in marriage.

Turning to Prayer and Fasting

One of the most effective reactions to spiritual warfare is to turn to prayer and fasting. This dual approach can result in clarity, strength, and divine intervention, serving as crucial prayer points for marital stability. Jesus himself emphasized the importance of prayer and fasting in conquering spiritual obstacles, providing Christian marriage advice and guidance.

The Power of God’s Word

The Bible is more than just a book; it is a weapon for spiritual warfare, a source of comfort in times of adversity, and a guide to righteous living. Regular engagement with the Scriptures helps protect and strengthen your marriage, acting as a foundation for healing and restoration in marriage through prayer.

Choosing Righteousness

Living a life in accordance with God’s teachings improves your spiritual armor, making you and your marriage less susceptible to negative influences, a key aspect of protecting marriages from evil forces.

The Strength of Community

No one should fight alone. Engaging in a faith-based community means having an army of support, prayers, and love behind you. Sharing your challenges can help you gain strength from the prayers and support of others, emphasizing the role of community in spiritual warfare in marriage.

10 Prayer Points for Protecting Your Marriage

As we seek divine help in safeguarding our marriages from the impact of evil altars, here are ten prayer points to guide your spiritual journey:

  1. For Divine Protection: “Lord, please surround our marriage with Your divine protection, shielding us from any harm that seeks to come our way.”

  2. For Unity: “Heavenly Father, grant us the grace to remain united in love and purpose, even in the face of trials.”

  3. For Peace: “God, let Your peace reign in our home, dispelling any discord or misunderstanding.”

  4. For Financial Stability: “Provide for our needs, Lord, and guide us to financial stability and prosperity, for Your glory.”

  5. For Health: “We pray for good health and vitality, that we may enjoy many happy years together.”

  6. For Wisdom: “Grant us wisdom, Lord, to navigate the challenges of life and make decisions that honor You.”

  7. For Joy: “Renew the joy of our love and marriage, filling our home with laughter and happiness.”

  8. For Faithfulness: “Help us to remain faithful to each other, resisting any temptation that could harm our relationship.”

  9. For Spiritual Growth: “May we grow spiritually together, deepening our relationship with You and each other.”

  10. For Love: “Let Your love be the foundation of our marriage, guiding us in every action and decision.”

A Beacon of Hope

Marriages, like any other valuable effort, need protection, devotion, and divine guidance to prosper. Understanding the concept of evil altars and acknowledging the spiritual dimension of marital challenges can be a significant step in safeguarding your union. By relying on prayer, fasting, God’s Word, righteous conduct, and the support of a spiritual community, couples can navigate through tough times. Remember, the strength within you, through your faith, is more potent than any force attempting to undermine your marriage. Let these principles serve as a beacon of hope and a testament to faith’s power to overcome even the most daunting challenges. Together, with faith, your marriage can stand as a stronghold against any storm, demonstrating the enduring power of love and divine grace.

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