The Impact of Fasting on Spiritual Sensitivity and Discernment

“Fasting is a spiritual practice that is strongly established in biblical teachings and is utilized by Christians to increase spiritual sensitivity and discernment. This exercise clears the mind and spirit, helping Christians to hear God’s voice more clearly and make sound choices based on His direction.

What is spiritual sensitivity and discernment?

Spiritual sensitivity refers to our capacity to perceive and comprehend spiritual truths, while discernment is the ability to understand and distinguish between various spiritual influences, therefore selecting the proper path in obedience to God. Both traits are necessary for living a life by God’s will.

Biblical Basis of Fasting for Spiritual Sensitivity

Fasting is often associated in the Bible with a desire for a closer connection with God and a better knowledge of His purpose. For example, in Acts 13:2, while the early church leaders fasted and worshiped, the Holy Spirit told them to set Barnabas and Saul apart for the job He had called them. This act of fasting occurred just before a key revelation that would influence the trajectory of their ministry.

Daniel’s Example: Insights from Fasting

Similarly, Daniel 9:3-21 describes how Daniel fasted and prayed for God’s compassion on his people. During this time of fasting, he obtained significant insights and prophecies about future events from Gabriel, God’s angel. This demonstrates how fasting and prayer may facilitate heavenly insights and improve spiritual discernment.

Teachings of Jesus on Fasting

According to Matthew 17:21, Jesus taught that certain spiritual breakthroughs, notably casting out demons, can only be achieved via prayer and fasting. This demonstrates the potential of fasting to bring about spiritual wins and increased insight that are not as readily available via prayer alone.

Benefits of Fasting for Spiritual Growth

Fasting helps Christians humble themselves and purify their souls, improving their capacity to recognize the tiny moves of the Holy Spirit in their life. It cultivates a pure heart and mind, providing fertile ground for God’s word to take root and His instructions to be plainly discerned.

Practical Tips for Fasting

The Transformational Power of Fasting Fasting is more than just self-deprivation; it is a transformational discipline that increases a believer’s spiritual sensitivity and discernment. It prepares the heart and intellect to absorb and apply divine knowledge, ensuring that one’s choices and deeds are in line with God’s intention. Fasting may be a wonderful tool for people seeking deeper connection with God and clarity in their spiritual journey.

Prayer Points

With these prayers and your commitment to fasting, you may expect to witness a great strengthening of your spiritual life.”

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